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We sell and install new and used tires. Check our used tire inventory here.

By regularly installing used tires, you can often save 20-90% over the price of a new tire. In some cases, a brand new high performance tire could cost an upwards of $400-500, while the same one used could sell between $35 to $60. If you have a leased car, you don't want to be turning it in with bald tires as you can be penalized. However, instead of spending a fortune on a set of expensive brand new tires where you may only keep the car for a few weeks to a few more months until your lease is up, it makes sense to buy a good set of used tires. Instead of spending $400-2000 on a set of brand new tires, it may be possible to get 4 used tires that are good enough to last the duration for you at a fraction of the price.

If you are going to keep your car for the long haul or if we don't have your tire size used in stock, then we can quote you a really good deal on a set of brand new tires. Our overhead is much lower than most of our competitors, as well as the the big box stores, therefore our prices are usually substantially lower. Many of the big box stores will lure you in with a low price and then nickel and dime you with fees when you go to pay the bill, such as mounting and balancing or valve stems. The price we quote you on the phone is what you pay. The only thing you have to add on top of that is the sales tax.

Some of our more recent stocked tires:

Nitto 285/75R16 2013-07-29
Nitto 37X1350R18 2013-07-29
Kumho 38X14R24LT 2013-06-19
Nexen 305/35R24 2013-06-14
Dominator 33x1250R15LT 2013-06-14
Bridgestone 255/65R16 2013-06-14
Pirelli 255/35R18 2013-06-14
Michelin P235/45R18 2013-06-13
Yokohama 215/55R17 2013-06-13
Bridgestone 255/40R18 2013-06-13
Michelin P225/50R17 2013-06-13
Definity P205/65R15 2013-06-13
Nitto 245/45ZR17 2013-06-12
BFGoodrich 33x1250R15LT 2013-06-12
Nitto LT285/65R18 2013-06-12
Forceum 215/50ZR17 2013-06-12
Sumitomo 275/30ZR19 2013-06-12