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Fits: 33x1250 15

Your tires will last much longer if you get a tire rotation every other oil change.

Your car was designed for a specific tire size based on the weight and suspension of the vehicle. Putting oversized tires over what the engineers specified could give you less pressure per square inch of traction. For example, putting 60's all the way around when your car was designed for 70's could cause wheel spin on wet roads.

If you see a tire that starts with the letters, "LT", this stands for "light truck tire". These types of tires are designed to carry higher loads than passenger cars. SUV's and trucks typically use these types of tires. They will often have a tall side wall.

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Dunlop® Mud Rover 33x1250R15

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Used tire that fits 33x1250R15

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Tire Size Information :
Size: 33x1250R15
Manufacturer: Dunlop
Model Mud Rover
Quantity in stock  1 
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Used tire in Hollywood.  33x1250R15 Dunlop Mud Rover
33x12.50R15. Features: Ultra-traction performance truck tire. Lug pattern delivers maximum forward and side grip. Wide, open shoulder design Center tread bars Alternating shoulder lug scallops. Six full plies under tread High ply turn-up 5-Pitch Technology. TM outline white letters with black serrated letters on the reverse Benefits Ultimate off-road traction. Excellent self-cleaning capability. Outstanding lateral stability and directional control on- and off-road. Enhanced lateral grip and stability. Tread block stability and superb overall tire toughness Responsive handling and lower sidewall toughness. Helps reduce noise for a quiet ride stylish look. Fits vehicle requirements of: 33x1250 15

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