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Fits: 215 45 18

For Florida weather, a typical all-season tire will work well for most consumers. You want to find a good balance between road noise, quality, fuel economy and wheel load. Make sure to use the correct tire pressure as indicated in your owner's manual to maximize tire life and traction.

We also sell new tires in addition to used ones at significant savings over the big box stores.

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Nankang® AS-1 215/45R18

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Used tire that fits 215/45R18

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Tire Size Information :
Size: 215/45R18
Manufacturer: Nankang
Model AS-1
Quantity in stock  2 
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Used tire in Hollywood.  215-45R18 Nankang AS-1
On the outside tread, tread shoulder uses high-stiffness curved pattern design to increase the cornering force and enhance the steering ability. On the inside tread, the evenly thin sipe design can reduce the road impact and enhance driving comfort. Fits vehicle requirements of: 215 45 18

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